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Our culture drives what we do.

Our values shape every action we take and decision we make.

Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Publishing Industry

Our Approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

At Lucky Book Publishing, representation matters and we firmly believe in the importance of elevating and amplifying diverse and historically under-represented voices. We are dedicated to ensuring that the publishing world is accessible to everyone.

We want everyone to have an equitable chance to share their story with the world. That’s why externally, we are continually extending our platform to support and celebrate the work of Black, Indigenous, Persons with Disabilities and Marginalized communities. We are committed to lifting the voices of authors higher from these groups that has historically been under-supported and under-promoted in the publishing industry. Internally, we actively work towards creating an equitable, inclusive, and psychologically safe work environment for all our team members.

We are guided by four core pillars that shape our DE&I efforts across the organization. We are democratizing the publishing industry with real action and fully committed to making a difference.

Leadership Investment in DE&I

The founders of Lucky Book Publishing Samantha Moonsammy and Simar El Nounou understand from lived experience what it’s like to not have a seat at the table. Their leadership plans include setting out a Diversity and Inclusion Action plan with concrete actions, achieving results, being role models and bringing the voices of those most impacted to the forefront. We must hold ourselves accountable for success. We must encourage and support the voices that have long been marginalized in our industry. We must create opportunities where they have long been absent. We must take direct, practical actions to invoke change. 

This is a true test of leadership, and one we must meet head on. We want to build a world where Black, Indigenous, persons with disabilities, members of marginalized communities and women hold serious influence and financial power.

Psychological Safety and Belonging

We seek to create psychologically safer, inclusive environments that allow our team members to bring their full selves to work and voice their ideas and opinions openly. It is a daily commitment to create a culture that fosters a strong sense of belonging.

Diversity and Representation

We are committed to making our team members and author’s population more representative of our society by ensuring that attraction, sourcing, and recruitment is done through a DE&I lens.

Representation Matters

We are committed to increasing the number of books we publish, promote, and sell by Black, Indigenous, persons with disabilities, members of marginalized communities and women with the ultimate goal of publishing books that reflect the world we live in.

While these pillars have advanced our progress in establishing more inclusive business practices, there is still much more important work to do. Together as a collective, we will continue our ongoing and evolving plan for action to achieve our aspiration of creating a more diverse, equitable, inclusive company and publishing community.

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